The Controller is Vincent TV Producties B.V. and all its affiliated companies both at home and abroad (hereinafter: "Vincent TV" or "we"). The head office of Vincent TV is located at H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 90, 1114 AD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht.

Privacy-sensitive data (hereinafter: "personal data" or "data") are processed through our services. We feel it’s important that such data is treated with care, integrity and confidentiality. Processing means all use of personal data, such as collecting, storing, adapting, forwarding or (partially) deleting these data. We process personal data, for example because you use our websites or apps or because you sign up to participate (as audience) in one of our (TV) productions.



Are you under the age of sixteen? Then you may only provide personal data to Vincent TV if your parents or legal representatives have read this statement and have given their consent. This only applies if consent is also the basis for the processing (see ‘6. Principles for processing'). Subject to available technology, we will make reasonable efforts to verify if your parents or legal representatives have actually given their consent.



We use the following data for the purposes stated in this statement.

Basic data:

  • Name, address and place of residence;
  • Contact details such as (mobile) telephone number and e-mail address;
  • Date of birth and age;
  • Gender;
  • Participation history; and
  • Participation documents.

Specific (TV) production data:

  • Marital status and relationship status;
  • Data on partner and/or children;
  • Work related data such as employer, position and income data;
  • Payment details such as billing address, bank account number and possibly credit card details;
  • Data from your social media-accounts;
  • Media (photo, video and audio fragments); and
  • Biographical data (your 'bio' prepared by us) and other data relevant to the selection or participation in our programmes.

Technical data:

  • Detailed (technical) data about the use of our websites or apps, e.g. device type and properties, browser type and language, date and time of interaction and IP address; and
  • Keywords used on our websites or apps.

Which data we use depends on the purpose for which we process the data (see also ‘5. Purposes of processing'). It should also be noted that we do not use all of the above 'additional specific (TV) production data' from you for every (TV) production. This depends on the specific (TV) production.

The biographical and other data relevant to the selection or participation in our programmes may also contain special categories of personal data such as race, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, orientation, health or criminal data. We are aware of the sensitivity of this data and the potential impact it may have on your privacy. That is why we only process this data on the basis of your consent (see ‘6. Principles for processing') and handle this data with extra care. In addition, we will delete these data immediately after the last broadcast date of a production.



The main way we obtain data is by asking you for it. You are free to choose whether you want to provide us with this data or not. For example: the data you can provide yourself on one of our websites or apps, such as through a registration form. If you have provided us with data in this way, it is necessary for us to process that data. For example, because we are also obliged to record certain data about you in that context. It’s possible that, if you do not wish to provide certain data, you will not be able to use our services and/or we will not be able to process your application. When entering personal data, we indicate which data is necessary and which can be provided optionally. 

In addition, there are also data that we obtain automatically. For example, (technical) data about the devices you use. This data is obtained by us via cookies and similar techniques (see also ‘8. Cookies').



We will use/process your data for the following purposes:

  • So that we can offer you our services, products and/or information or allow you to participate in them. For example, because you (wish to) participate (as audience) in one of our (TV) productions;
  • Casting activities and/or other procedures to select suitable participants and/or audiences for our (TV) productions;
  • Because you want us to store your data. For example, by registering to be selected as a participant in or audience for our (future) (TV) productions;
  • To (be able to) approach you specifically to participate in a programme of Vincent TV, for example as a participant or audience;
  • Exploitation, promotion and archiving of (TV) productions and the accompanying (production) documents;
  • So that you can post and exchange information via our services, for example via one of our websites and/or app. If this website and/or app offers the possibility, also to contact other users of the relevant service;
  • To analyse our websites and/or apps and related technologies, to collect, maintain, secure and optimise statistics;
  • To send you (electronic) commercial messages from Vincent TV including third parties who advertise, sponsor, offer prizes and the like through our services; and
  • Offering service or support and/or to be able to respond to questions;
  • To protect the rights of us and others, including your right to privacy;
  • To comply with applicable laws and regulations and/or to respond to requests from public and governmental authorities.

If we wish to use your data for purposes other than those described above, we will inform you of this. We will not use your personal data for purposes other than those described above.



Based on Article 6 of the GDPR we may process your personal data on the basis of the following principles:

  • For the performance of an agreement, this may include, among other things, a casting or participation agreement, quitclaim and/or the provision of certain services;
  • As a result of a legal obligation, there is legislation that obliges us to retain data for a certain period of time. For example, for payment details, the General Tax Act requires us to keep these for 7 years for the tax authorities;
  • Consent obtained, for example when we process special personal data about you or when processing personal data of minors. In addition, we inform you and ask your permission before we place and read out cookies or send you (electronic) commercial messages;
  • Legitimate interest(s), we also process data because we and/or a third party has a legitimate interest in doing so. In these cases, we will always carefully consider whether this interest outweighs your privacy interests. Examples are: regular business operations and/or business interests, the functioning of our website and application functionalities, the assessment of suitable candidates for (the selection of) the production of (subsequent series of) (TV) productions and/or the performance of (not yet concluded) agreements.



Your data may be shared, exchanged and combined within Vincent TV to the extent necessary and for the aforementioned purposes (see also '1. Controller').

We may also disclose your personal data to third parties, including but not limited to the broadcaster(s), distributors or assignees and/or other clients and principals (such as sponsors/partners). For example, for the selection of participants and/or in the context of the production, promotion and exploitation of (TV) productions.  In addition, we may share certain personal data with external suppliers or service providers for the realization of (the production, promotion and exploitation of) (TV) productions or the provision of (our) services.

For the processing of your personal data, we may make use of third parties that may have access to your data. Where possible, we oblige these third parties to act in the capacity of processor. This means that we determine the purpose and means of this processing and the processor may only handle your data in accordance with our instructions and our (security) standards. We lay down these agreements with each processor in a so-called ‘processor agreement’. This also obliges the third party to comply with the privacy regulations.

Some of these processors are located outside the EU. Because outside the EU the same level of privacy protection is not guaranteed, we have made (additional) agreements with these parties. With these processors, we conclude an approved model contract from the European Commission (also known as standard contractual clauses). In the event that the data is transferred to the United States, we also enter into the standard contract or let this take place under the so-called EU-US privacy shield.



On our websites and/or apps we make use of cookies and other similar techniques (hereinafter: "cookies").



We try to keep the personal data for as long as necessary. To this end, we have made a conscious (organizational and technical) distinction between the types of data we collect (see '3. Categories of personal data'). We must retain the 'basic data' for as long as necessary in connection with the production, promotion, exploitation and/or archiving (for possible future exploitation) of our (TV) productions. We will delete the 'production-specific data' immediately after the last broadcast date if storage of this data is no longer necessary.

An exception to this is if the law requires us to retain certain data for a longer period of time. For payment details for example, the General Tax Act requires us to retain these for the Tax and Customs Administration for 7 years. In addition, retention may be necessary for future purposes, such as: documents containing a transfer of rights that are necessary for future broadcasting and exploitation of (TV) productions or if it concerns personal data that may be necessary in connection with (future) claims or lawsuits.



We do our utmost to ensure that personal data is stored as secure as possible. We do this by implementing state of the art organisational and technical security measures which try to prevent anyone from gaining unauthorised access to the data, altering it, making it public and/or causing it to be lost.

If we engage so-called processors, we oblige them to handle your data in accordance with our instructions and our (security) standards (see also ‘7. Sharing of data').



Among other rights, you have the right to access, correct, delete or transfer your personal data. In addition, you have the right to restrict and object to the processing. Finally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with us and/or the Dutch Data Protection Authority (in Dutch: ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’).

You can send us a request to exercise your rights at any time. You can do this by sending an e-mail to In your request, please specify as far as possible what personal data you wish to exercise, what right you wish to exercise and proof that it is also your personal data. We will try to respond to your request within one month.

There may be circumstances in which we cannot, or cannot fully, comply with your request. This is, for example, the case if there are statutory retention periods and/or on the basis of the statutory exceptions for processing for journalistic purposes or for academic, artistic or literary forms of expression.



We may, at any time and without prior notice, amend this Privacy Statement unilaterally. We therefore recommend you check this statement regularly for changes.

The last change was on February 4th, 2021.

The expected changes that are planned to be implemented are as follows:

  • As we have indicated already, we do not use all types of data for all purposes. In a future version of this statement, we would like to specify (even more) what types of data we use for what purpose; and
  • For readability and ease of use, we would like to add a brief summary of the main features of our Privacy Statement.



Questions or complaints about our privacy policy can be submitted via